Queen vanilla paste

by Ed Halmagyi


I am a pastry chef through and through.

If I could do just one more thing for the rest of my life it would probably involve a whole bunch of sugar, some flour and, of course, the most wonderful aromatic ingredient you’ll ever find – vanilla. Vanilla beans are the seed pods of a flowering orchid that is found through the equatorial regions. Each zone has its own characteristic flavour in its vanilla, and one of the real skills of a great vanilla processor is the ability to be able to blend different vanilla beans while still achieving great results.

Queen are a great Australian company, and have been around for ages. Their classic vanilla flavour is the bakery taste that we all grew up with, and it’s like a warm blanket if you ask me.

Their paste is the perfect product for any keen cook. It has the big punch of flavour that you’re looking for, and also those beautiful seeds that show your friends and family that you’ve made the extra effort. You’ll find the paste in the baking aisle of your supermarket and it should be in every pantry for perfect baking results every time.


Oh, and by the way, here’s the blurb from Queen to help you use their product even better. For more info, just click here to go to the Queen website.

Queen Vanilla Bean Paste is the vanilla of future home cooking, containing 100% natural ingredients and pure Vanilla Bean Seeds. Queen Vanilla Bean Paste is a convenient and a cost effective way to inject real vanilla into sweet and savoury sauces, cream and ice cream making it a pantry staple.


Queen Vanilla Bean Paste quantity guide: 1 teaspoon = 1 whole cured vanilla bean.